Pre-Lit Christmas Trees VS Unlit Christmas Trees

There are advantages to having a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree and advantages to the unlit kind; certainly each one will appeal to different people for different reasons. If you are still of two minds as to which to choose, hopefully the following details will provide you with some information to help you make your final decision.

Un-lit Christmas Trees

These are the trees that do not come with any lights on them at all. They are the more traditional type of Christmas tree and they offer more decorating versatility. If you are the kind of person that prides yourself on how well you decorate your tree, a pre-lit tree will cramp your style, whereas an unlit tree will allow you to have full creative control over the number of lights, colors, type, and layout.

Decorating an unlit Christmas tree is also a great holiday tradition. Many families gather at the start of the holidays to put lights on their tree and decorate it together. For some, decorating the tree is a highly-valued tradition during which many precious memories are created.

There is no denying, however, that putting lights on your tree yourself does require a lot of work, although it can be a fun, creative project. For some it may be too much extra work to add to an already busy holiday, and the risk of tangling wires, breaking bulbs, and that annoying process of trying to pack them back up afterwards is not very appealing.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees

Pre-lit artificial trees, as the name suggests, come with lights already strung on them. For many people the holidays are a very busy time, and not having to worry about decorating the tree is a welcome relief. With pre-lit trees all you really have to do is just add your favorite ornaments if you want a little personal touch and your tree ready to go. You don’t even really need to add anything to these trees at all if you don’t want to; they will still look great when you plug them in and turn the lights on.

The lights that come with pre-lit trees are usually of very high quality and if you were to purchase them separately it could cost you a pretty penny, so by purchasing them together with your tree you can actually save money as well as the time it would take you to decorate manually. Another bonus of having a pre-lit tree is that the lights are professionally strung and so they will look even and perfect every time.

The main disadvantage of pre-lit trees that I see is that they can rob you of some real good quality time with your family, making treasured memories. The tree comes ready to go out the box so there isn’t much reason to get excited about decorating it with your family. Of course, if you would rather create happy holiday memories of decorating the tree with your family you can always just get one that doesn’t have any lights.